Mckinleyville too stupid to be city

McKinleyville has been attempting to incorporate as a City for over a hundred years but does not appear to have the intelligence to become a city.  McKinleyville is the most densely populated area on the west coast, maybe the Earth, who has failed to become a city. The County of Humboldt does not want McKinleyville to become a city because its residents are really cooperative. 

This week Humboldt Director John Ford told McResidents they could control their own destiny by designing a City Center instead of incorporating as a City.

Ford even encouraged McResidents to "think big" while explaining McResidents would have no control over what businesses could operate in the City Center because the County would be the decision maker. Ford explained "you can't discriminate against corporations" which is not a law but is Ford's heartfelt opinion.

Although many Cities lawfully discriminate against corporate businesses including Arcata, Ferndale and Ashland Oregon, McResidents did not question Ford's authority. A Wal-Mart super-center appears to be the future centerpiece of McKinleyville which Arcata residents will appreciate since the Eureka Wal-Mart is really low class. 

McKinleyville resident Brian Smurphy explained he was stoked about thinking big and was pushing for McKinleyville to become the "home of the biggest Wal-Mart supercenter in the Universe with 5 floors and glass elevators and no Hillary unisex restrooms."