KMUD Alzheimer's pledge drive big windfall

For decades KMUD has been the voice of Humboldt's progressive youth movement. KMUD's youngest listener Robert Freebird explained: 

"Without KMUD we kids would be lost snorting heroin or wasting away on snatchap. I listen to KMUD 16 hours a day and the lineup is always fresh. Being an avid KMUD listener woke me and I have been prepping for the end of the world since 1983. I have 7,240 5-gallon buckets of water buried under my trailer which will keep me alive for another 78-years."  

KMUD's major source of income is older kid's pledging their estates to KMUD.  This weekend KMUD ran a 48-hour pledge drive targeted to kids with Alzheimer's. KMUD was able to raise over $15-million dollars from 11 kids suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia.  KMUD wishes to extend a special thanks to Emily Wellington with stage-4 dementia for donating $4.7 million. These generous donations will ensure KMUD keeps Humboldt progressive for at least another 6-weeks. 

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