Ryan burns finds an emaiL but it's complicated

Photo North Coast Journal 

Every community needs to believe it has investigative journalists to root out corruption and Humboldt has Ryan Burns. Burns often breaks stories with catchy headlines and  convoluted facts. Burns latest piece of investigative journalism involves finding an email from a PG&E employee which may have implied the blackout was not necessary in Humboldt.  Burns included a schematic no one could understand to reinforce the problem was indeed complicated. This ensured PG&E would not be pissed off by his story after actually reading it. 

Photo Lost Coast Outpost 

Burns is a genius who has artfully managed to never ruffle anyone's feathers (except maybe Arkley vicariously) while branding himself as Humboldt's investigative journalist. His methodology includes writing a headline which sounds like a scoop then authoring an article to prove the headline is not a scoop after all. This keeps readers believing investigative journalism is alive in Humboldt without Burns actually risking his popularity with the establishment. 

Burns' editor is Sheriff Honsal who encourages Burns to not publish anything "highly sensationalized" which could lead to another missing person's report

Photo KRCR News