Rex bohn & honsal write letter

Photo Lost Coast Outpost

Rex Bohn and Sheriff Honsal penned a letter today side-by-side to PG&E and copied Santa. Here is their letter:

Dear PG&E,

We write you as two souls crying out as one. Together we own 50,000 shares of your stock and we really need to see things turn around for you. Our better half is up for reelection in March 2020 and these blackouts are pissing folks off. Being forced to end a County Supervisor career after only 12-years would be a tragedy neither of us could survive. We are not prepared to ride off into the sunset together. We really need a miracle here and we need you to stop turning the lights off.  If you help us out we will fly your families to Disneyland on Mercer Fraser's private jet. Or we can fly you without your families to any strip club in Vegas.  Please enjoy our photo we enclosed. 

God Bless, 

Rex Bohn & Sheriff Honsal

cc: Santa Claus 

Photo Lost Coast Outpost