Nordic Aquafarm Profitable for Local Greens

Humboldt has always attracted individualists! Humboldt environmentalists ("greens") are applauding the construction of a massive salmon farm in the Samoa peninsula known as the Nordic Aquafarm. Local greens explained "non-local environmentalist are misguided in being concerned about thousands of other species being displaced and local waters being contaminated with mercury."  Humboldt Baykeeper believes these concerns are "silly when considering how profitable the Norwegian Salmon farm will be for us."  Supervisor Wilson explained, "ancillary businesses are needed to support the salmon farm including a dye company to color the farmed salmon pink. The time has come to embrace pink and going from green to pink is maybe not a bad thing after all."  Supervisor Wilson then smiled and pointed to a pink breast cancer ribbon pinned to his lapel.

Several months after signing a 30-year lease with the Harbor District the Norwegian Farm invited the County to be its partner by fronting $34-million for the project.  Supervisors Fennell and Wilson believe voters will support the County paying the Norwegian company $34-million after a well timed marketing campaign. The County is in talks with numerous marketing firms to undertake a $28-million marketing campaign to ensure public support for the partnership.  

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