in-n-out line forming in eureka

Despite the Eureke In-N-Out not being slated to open until an unspecified date by year's end, maybe, Humboldt residents are taking no chances and reserving their spots in line.  The line currently wraps behind the construction zone where In-N-Out is being built and splits approximately 2 miles north and south of the location. City officials estimate the line will be 25 miles each direction by Christmas. 

We walked the line and spoke to Eureka resident Leslie Castello and her pet weasel she wears as an accessory.

Leslie explained: "As an artist my work schedule is flexible and I've waited 44 years for an In-N-Out to come to Eureka. Waiting a few weeks in my vehicle is a small price to pay to be one of the first residents of Humboldt to chow down on a double-double and jungle style fries. My weasel and I have been working on some street art routines and this gives us time to hone our craft." 

We also spotted County Supervisor Rex Bohn and his bodyguard who were third in line behind a polish sausage food truck hired to provide sustenance to Bohn and his bodyguard during the wait.