Humboldt voter reflects on estelle's reign

We are interviewing voters who voted for incumbent County Supervisors and are publishing the interview results. Their identities have been concealed for their own protection but their answers are repeated verbatim.  

The first voter is middle aged female "Jane Doe" who voted for Estelle Fennell twice. 

Question: "Why did you vote for Estelle Fennell the last 2 elections?"

Answer: "I was a medical marijuana farmer and was told Estelle could offer me protection. Basically, you slip Estelle some cash and she protects you. This worked for several years but when the cartels took over Humboldt I was forced to find another source of income. They don't like the competition." 

Sheriff Honsal Serenading Estelle Fennell County Supervisor

Question: "What do you do for income these days?"

Answer: "Collecting cans, trimming weed, and sometimes Estelle pays me to be a slave at one of her leather parties. The job can be extremely painful but the pay is several dollars more than minimum wage." 

Question:  "Are you going to vote for Estelle on March 3, 2020?"

Answer:  "Yes."

Answer: "Because I don't want to be buried somewhere in the Hills."

Question: "Are you disappointed about anything during Estelle's reign? 

Answer: "Of course not. Estelle is our dear leader and we owe her everything. I hope she rules for a thousand years. Her vibrant blue eyes are like looking into eternity."