Humboldt County Sheriff Department is advising the public to play dead during the violent crime epidemic plaguing the County. While denying Humboldt is experiencing a crime wave, Sheriff Honsal explained playing dead is the correct response to theft, murder and rape. In fact, taking any action when faced with a violent crime is illegal and will result in your arrest and prosecution. 

Bob Woolford of Ferndale asked Sheriff Honsal, "what if someone is raping my mom, should I play dead?"  Sheriff Honsal explained, "yes you should play dead but if you can secretly record the incident, the video footage could possibly be used in Court to prosecute the rapist if we find him. Please understand it's very difficult to find rapists so odds are the rapist will never be arrested. The safest move is to play dead. If you do something stupid and hurt the rapist you can guarantee we will arrest you." 

Classes are being offered to teach the public to play dead the first Tuesday of every month. Contact us for more details.  

Disclaimer: Quotes not yet verified.