Time to invest in the black market?

(Photo from left, 2 random women, deputy with indigestion, Director John Ford sporting everyday face, Supervisor Estelle Fennell reminiscing.) 

October 26, 2019, Humboldt County officials are celebrating a historical profitable quarter for the Marijuana Black market. Planning and Building director John Ford receives most of the credit by brokering several mergers with international cartels. The ability to transport Humboldt marijuana across international borders is also benefiting ancillary industries including meth and heroin.  Humboldt County businesses have been able to sell marijuana at premium prices to international customers while purchasing meth and heroin at a discount for local customers.  John Ford noted "the growth of the black market has quadrupled in only a few years" during his reign as Director and he sees "the growth pattern continuing into 2020 and beyond."

County Supervisor Estelle Fennell is hoping to also revive the crack industry which never recovered from its glory days in the 1980's. Supervisor Fennell reminisced about the 80's when she was a member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and how crack fueled the brains of young activists like herself. 

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