humboldt hell an essay

Based on statistics Humboldt is a difficult place to live and an easy place to die. Statistics are facts and dismissing statistics with an opinion requires a sharp intellect and a dull sense of reality. A conscious person understands she must understand herself before understanding anyone else. An intellectual believes he understands everyone else "objectively" while never meeting himself and never really knowing anyone. Intellectualism says if we carve our self out of existence we view the rest of the universe objectively. But only a human who searches inward can find the biases which prevent an understanding of reality. Humans who are highly intelligent but deeply unconscious have the capacity to cause the greatest harm.  

The Humboldt establishment is comprised of well-intended intelligent people who are unconscious. As a recovering intellectual, I understand those still suffering from the disorder. At the core of intellectualism is a desire to distance one's self from emotions, biases, fears and any internal vulnerabilities. But we can't distance ourselves from our own emotions, we can only repress them. When we repress our emotions they accumulate and often explode into the universe in an undesirable and untimely fashion. This is why we often see our leaders in Humboldt in the media for DUI's, public intoxication, abusing others, or apologizing for saying something unconscious

When a person develops a pattern of emotional repression he is attracted to people who do the same because emotions are easily transferable from human to human like the flu. We reward people we are attracted to and intellectual people define their community as being limited to people who repress their emotions. Conscious people who are highly attuned to their emotions will remain outsiders to the intellectual community, which in Humboldt is the establishment. Unconscious intellectuals are easily duped and always create a dystopia like the one we call home. 

Many communities are ran by intellectuals but Humboldt's intellectuals are an isolated group giving them the ability to agree among themselves their farts smell delightful. 

-Rye Hicks 

John Ford
Rex Bohn
Estelle Fennell
Mike Wilson