Humboldt board of supervisors Declare child laughter nuisance

In a 3 to 2 vote with Supervisors Madrone and Bass dissenting, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors declared child laughter to be a public nuisance. Under Measure X child laughter is not to occur within 150 feet of a residence and is banned from all public restaurants, especially Cafe's in Arcata.  

Although no one spoke at the meeting in favor of Measure X, the Supervisors did receive letters supporting the Measure.  

Third District Voter Sam Collins wrote a letter in support of Measure X explaining, "I live in Arcata where I enjoy reading newspapers at Cafe's and looking at all the young coeds. I haven't talked to my kids for 48-years and child laughter just makes me depressed. Supervisor Wilson you always make the right call please vote in favor of Measure X." 

2nd District Voter Marsha Lee Ulansey wrote, "I absolutely hate children. They are disgusting! Humans are a cancer on an otherwise beautiful planet. Please end child laughter dear Supervisor Estelle Fennell. Vote in favor of Measure X."