Humboldt County Supervisors want lifetime appointments

Photo Times Standard

Our Board of Supervisors ("BoS") explained, "We have created the Humboldt County exactly the way we envisioned. We are 100% satisfied with our performance as Supervisors. Humboldt County is the finest place to live on the west coast because of our efforts. We see no reason why we should not be appointed as Supervisors forever."  Self proclaimed progressive Mike Wilson said he prefers a 50-year term limit for Supervisors but will vote in favor of appointing himself for life to get along. 

Lifetime appointments are gaining in popularity and the BoS was inspired by President Xi's recent lifetime appointment in China.

Rex Bohn and Estelle Fennell are currently seeking reelection for a third term and both have expressed a desire to end elections in favor of lifetime appointments. The BoS explained the lifetime appointments will need to include another significant pay raise.