humboldt bans hemp to protect cartel crop

Humboldt County has banned Hemp cultivation which was legalized by the United States Congress.

Our Board of Supervisors released this statement:

"The United States Congress is controlled by extreme liberals who have legalized hemp in all 50-states. We do not believe it is appropriate to move so fast here in Humboldt. Although Hemp has no mind altering properties, it is still way too soon to say Hemp is safe. We have heard rumors of Hemp clothing causing severe rashes and Hemp paper causing paper cuts requiring stitches. There is a reason our forefathers banned Hemp and embraced cotton. Cotton is much softer than Hemp and it's fun to pick. We want Humboldt to stay safe."  

The Humboldt Cartel Grower's Association ("HCGA") applauded the Supervisors' decision to ban Hemp explaining the pollen in Hemp plants could pollinate and ruin their marijuana plants.