Humboldt Consolidates Auditor into Sheriff to save money

In 2014, when Humboldt County received nationwide negative press coverage for unsolved murders our Supervisors took immediate action and consolidated the coroner with the Sheriff. Our Supervisors explained, "the real problem was an over ambitious coroner who reported every single murder. Since Sheriff Honsal was named coroner the amount of deaths reported as murders fell 97% overnight. Honsal understands the role of government is to find solutions not to nitpick every single dead body." 

Recently, Humboldt suffered more frustration over accusations of millions of dollars of public funds missing and cash receipts disappearing. Our Supervisors decided to call on Honsal once again to save the day and appointed him County Auditor. Honsal promises these accusations of public theft will disappear efficiently with no questions asked.   

Disclaimer: AP has not reviewed this story for accuracy. Quotations not yet verified.