Humboldt will find missing nuclear fuel rods

November 5, 2019, Humboldt and PG&E are still searching for the missing nuclear fuel rods left in Humboldt Bay nearly 50-years ago.  The nuclear rods are worth millions of dollars to North Korea or Russia but our supervisors explained, "PG&E and Humboldt government are far too ethical for anyone to even hint the nuclear fuel rods were sold. Things are misplaced all the time and this was an innocent mistake. Someday we'll find the fuel rods and look back at all the crazy conspiracies and have a good laugh lol." 

Eureka resident Molly Jennifer-Savage explained "I hope we sold the nuclear fuel rods to Russia instead of misplacing them somewhere in Humboldt. I'm sure if the fuel rods were sold the money went to a good cause like a zoo exhibit or something."  Other than Molly no one else in Humboldt County wanted to comment on this story.