HSU Student quality of life upgraded

October 27, 2019, Arcata and HSU joined together to drastically improve student life. Recognizing 1 and 4 students experience homelessness the City and University are determined to offer solutions. Arcata Mayor Brett Watson explained "dumpsters are made of steel and produce no carbon emissions. In many ways they are the perfect form of shelter for HSU students."  One parent voiced concerns about bears attacking students they find sleeping in dumpsters so HSU has applied for a grant to provide free bear spray to students. If the grant is accepted students should be armed with bear spray by the Spring semester of 2023. 

HSU spokes person Frank Whitlatch explained "many restaurant owners have been locking dumpsters preventing students from accessing much needed shelter and nutrients. With winter approaching homeless students would be forced to sleep in vehicles sometimes running their engines to provide heat causing both carbon and noise pollution."

Not everyone was in support of the plan. Life long Arcata resident Marsha Winsworth IV, voiced concerns of open dumpster lids obstructing Bay views from her house.  She explained "some of these dumpster lids are 5-feet long and when opened they're just really ugly."  Ms. Winsworth IV continued "I have lived in Arcata for 54-years and have always enjoyed a Bay view free of open dumpster lids. Kids these days are not good neighbors. My husband (RIP) and I were ambitious and bought a 5 bedroom house in 1952 when we were 19. There's no excuse for being homeless. It's pure laziness." 

Mayor Watson agreed with Ms. Winsworth IV but added "we will look into moving any dumpsters away from houses with Bay views to find a solution for everyone." 

Vice-Mayor Michael Winkler & Mayor Brett Watson
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