Eureka voted best place for seniors

Eureka California has been voted the best place to live by the senior Magazine entitled: "The Last Generation."  Thousands of boomers are descending upon Eureka as a safe place where they can avoid living among younger people who complain too much. Eureka resident Caroline Frowning explains:

"I moved to Eureka in 1961 with my second husband when I was 22.  Eureka is a City that puts seniors first. Kids these days are given everything and yet they complain. Eureka is a wonderful place to live and very little has changed over 58-years for me. I've attended the same Bible study group for over 40-years every week. The group is so nice and I know the rest of Eureka is the same. We all have nice houses and a few border the golf course. The group keeps me informed about local politics and tells me which County supervisor has our interest in mind. Most of us secretly voted for Trump (uncontrollable laughter). Global warming is a hoax and I have faith the Rapture will happen before anyone in our study group dies. 

Kids these days are ungrateful and most belong in jail. Eureka is just fine, I like Eureka. All my healthcare is free and the City offers many services for us Seniors including paying our utility bills and mowing our lawns. We really need to cut back on education spending but that's my only complaint about Eureka. There's no reason to spend thousands educating kids when Jesus is coming back anyway."

- Caroline Frowning