PG&E wins court order grounding santa

November 20, 2019, this morning PG&E obtained an injunction against Santa Claus which will ground Mr. Claus from flying over Humboldt County this year. PG&E argued Mr. Claus' flight would result in dangerous winds exposing Humboldt to wildfires. 

Judge Christopher Wilson issued the injunction and threatened Mr. Claus with prison time if the injunction was violated.  The exchange between Mr. Clause and Judge Wilson became heated after Mr. Claus requested Judge Wilson recuse himself. Mr. Claus explained, "your Honor you have been on my naughty list for over ten years for stealing public funds through fraud and you are bias against me." 

Judge Wilson replied, "Bah humbug! You flying over Humboldt County will create dangerous winds exposing us all to wildfires. If you fly over our airspace we will prosecute you for attempted murder. PG&E works very hard to protect us all and you need to listen to them. You best forget about children in Humboldt and move along." 

Mr. Clause shook his head in disbelief.  Judge Wilson then pounded his gavel in anger finding Mr. Claus in contempt and ordering him jailed until after Christmas.