The Muckraker Museum Coop publishes this online museum which is dedicated to the memory of Upton Sinclair the author of The Jungle who founded "EPIC: End Poverty in California" in 1934.  

Satire (saˌtī(ə)r/) noun: "the use of humor, irony, & exaggeration to piss off the establishment."

"There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you." (Maya Angelou)

"What is to give light must endure burning." (Viktor Frankl)

Early Muckrakers being Burned (1487)


On the Decay of the Art of Lying,

Mark Twain (1885)

"No fact is more firmly established than that lying is a necessity of our circumstances, -- the deduction that it is then a Virtue goes without saying. No virtue can reach its highest usefulness without careful and diligent cultivation, -- therefore, it goes without saying, that this one ought to be taught in the public schools -- at the fireside -- even in the newspapers. What chance has the ignorant, uncultivated liar against the educated expert? What chance have I against Mr. Per ---- against a lawyer? Judicious lying is what the world needs. I sometimes think it were even better and safer not to lie at all than to lie injudiciously. An awkward, unscientific lie is often as ineffectual as the truth."

"Now let us see what the philosophers say. Note that venerable proverb: Children and fools always speak the truth. The deduction is plain--adults and wise persons never speak it...None of us could live with an habitual truth-teller; but thank goodness none of us has to. An habitual truth-teller is simply an impossible creature; he does not exist; he never has existed. Of course there are people who think they never lie, but it is not so--and this ignorance is one of the very things that shame our so-called civilization. Everybody lies--every day; every hour; awake; asleep; in his dreams; in his joy; in his mourning; if he keeps his tongue still, his hands, his feet, his eyes, his attitude, will convey deception--and purposely." 

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